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In Times of Uncertainty, Grow & Save

Mary Smith |

Planning for the future is important. In the words of Jack Reacher (Lee Child), "Hope for the Best. Plan for the worst." While we cannot predict the loss of income, unexpected medical bills or car repairs, we should plan ahead and prepare the best we can.

I've been asked, "How much money can you actually save by growing food?"
That's a great question. First, it depends on where you live (seasons) and next, how much you plan to grow. With most projects, there are start up costs and time involved. Let's start off simple with 2 plant varieties
I chose 2 easy varieties: Arugula and Bell Pepper
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At Mary's Heirloom Seeds, a packet of Arugula seeds is $2.25 and contains 100 seeds. Even if only 90% of those seeds germinate (almost 100% of mine grow!), that still leaves 90 plants!
For this comparison, we're going to share a very economical option for growing greens

Grow Your own:
Sterilite 18 gallon bin: $9
Organic Potting Soil: $9 a bag
Arugula Seeds: $2.25
Total: $20.25 for 90 Arugula Plants (much more than a bunch)

Purchased at my local store, organic Arugula is about $1.99 per bunch. Let's compare:

90 homegrown bunches of Arugula $20.25

90 store bought bunches of Arugula $179.10

If you save your seeds...The savings are incalculable!


At Mary's Heirloom Seeds, a packet of Cal Wonder Bell Peppers is $2.50 for 25 seeds. Again, even if only 90% of those seeds germinate, that's 22 plants!
For this comparison, we're going to share a very economical option for growing peppers

Grow Your own:
Sterilite 18 gallon bin: $9
(a 5-gallon bucket works and it costs $2)
Organic Potting Soil: $9 a bag
Pepper Seeds: $2.50
Total: $20.50 for 22 Pepper plants
What if your harvest is "not-so-good?" That's okay! Save the seeds! A pepper plant can produce 1-20 peppers (sometimes more depending on the variety)
For this, we will say that 22 seeds germinates and grew into plants and each plant produced 3 peppers. That's still 66 pepper!

Purchased at my local store, Organic Bell Peppers are 2 for $3. Let's Compare:

 66 homegrown organic Peppers $21.50

66 store bought organic Peppers $99

SO MUCH MORE savings if your pepper plants produce more peppers AND you can save your seeds!

Are you seeing the pattern here? Growing Food saves Money! Growing your own Food means you know exactly what and how it was grown and you can grow it organic with no cancer-causing chemicals or pesticides.

Did you know the WHO, the World Health Organization, just classified Gyphosphate a carcinogen? That's cancer causing! What is Glyphosphate? It's a key ingredient in Monsanto's Round-Up and it is IN THE FOOD, WATER & AIR thanks to the millions of tons of Glyophosphate used every year in the US.

Are you ready to get growing? What would you like to grow?
Would you like FREE SEEDS? Every order placed thru Mary's Heirloom Seeds over $10 will include a FREE pack of seeds!

Other than those points, remember that growing food—or any plant for that matter—is an exercise that connects you with nature. The goal is to enjoy the process, to learn and to have fun!

**UPDATE: After only an hour of publishing this article, the feedback is amazing. From a friend and customer: "That amount is just the tip of the iceburg. I have been giving away a ton of stuff to neighbors and I cannot eat/freeze it all right now. Another savings is the "junk" stuff (end pieces, etc) gets fed to the animals which cuts down on the feed bill"

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!




Great post Mary that I saw on Real Food Fridays. It’s interesting to see the numbers. My home vegetable and fruit garden is a joy to me, and there is no price I can put on that. Nancy A. @ obloggernewbie

Nancy A @ obloggernewbie.blogspot.com,

Really great ideas on a frugal garden!


We have been growing our own heirloom seeds for a few years now so it was great to see this breakdown so I am reminded that I am saving money in the long run.
Thanks for sharing at this week’s Blog Hop!

Tracy @ Our Simple Homestead,

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