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We are an American Made FINALIST!!!

Mary Smith |

That's right...Check it out!

We're so Excited!
Mary's Heirloom Seeds has been chosen as a FINALIST
for the
Martha Stewart American Made Awards...
Official Voting begins  September 21st but I couldn't
wait that long to share! I'm so Excited!
From our profile,
I am inspired by growth. It is absolutely amazing to plant a tiny seeds, feed it and watch it grow. From that tiny seeds we harvest delicious heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and other culinary herbs. Every year I have amazing opportunities to volunteer and donate to local elementary schools and youth groups. It's life-changing to see the looks on the children's faces as I explained how a seed grows. Each child plants a seed and I am confident that it was a memorable experience for everyone, especially for me.
What makes your business stand out?
Mary's Heirloom Seeds is a "mom and pop" small business created out of a desire to help people become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Our customers know that we are a simple phone call or email away. Most importantly, we are happy to share growing advice freely. We include free seed packs with most orders. Education is Key to a successful organic garden. Many of our customers are first time, backyard gardeners and it gives us great satisfaction to help them grow successfully. Year after year, customers come back to Mary's Heirloom Seeds for their organic gardening needs because of our High Germination rates and superior customer service. Heirloom Seeds and growing organic isn't just our business, it's our passion
To Celebrate, we're offering another HUGE Seed Sale!!!
Marigold  and  Fireweed
$10 Seed order minimum (total order, not just sale items)


We currently offer over 240 varieties of open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid, non-patented,  untreated, organic, heirloom garden seeds.   Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge.  
Order herb and veggie varieties together and get an extra free seed pack!
*$10 Order Minimum on all seed orders*

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