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June 26, 2015

Recently, we shared our Organic Pest Control series.  It was very popular and we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have for us.
For some of our customers it has been a very wet year.  For some it has been VERY hot and others very dry. For this reason, and because using less water is more sustainable, I've been working on articles about growing heat-tolerant veggies and drought-tolerant varieties. Enjoy!
PEPPERS love Heat!

AMARANTH thrives on heat!
Some varieties of Amaranth can be
traced back to the 1700s

Tomatoes grow well in the heat but require plenty of moisture.

Many BEAN varieties can withstand extreme conditions. Pole beans, in particular, climb with success in harsh temperatures with little moisture

Zucchini and Seminole Pumpkin,
 which is an heirloom variety that can still be found growing wild in warm, humid environments, will stand up to sweltering summer heat. 

CORN grows plentiful in the heat!
Blue Corn are our favorites 

OKRA grows very well in the heat and can produce quite well in the summer.

is a vining
variety that does well in heat.

Malabar spinach is fast growing and tolerates high rainfall. This is a fast growing vine plant and produces best when trellised. Stem tips (6-8 inches) are harvested 55-70 days after seeding. Repeated harvests of new growth stems can be made through out the season.

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