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2023 Garden Challenges February Update

2023 Garden Challenges February Update

Mary Smith |

February 1, 2023

If you are just learning about our 2 garden challenges for 2023, I highly recommend going back and reading the intros and watching the video.

You'll find them here:





So you've purchased you seeds from Mary's Heirloom Seeds. Now what?

Get Growing! Ok, so maybe not yet if it's still frosty outside. Right now, it is 30 degrees in Ben Wheeler, TX so I'll be planting my seeds a little later. Our last frost date is Mid March so I still have time to plan.

I did test the germination on my seeds to give you feedback for our February update. I soaked 10 seeds of each types of watermelon seeds mention in the challenge. Florida Giant and Carolina Cross. 9 out of 10 seeds germinated from each pack but the Carolina cross took 5+ days more to germinate than the Florida Giant. Interesting. This should be fun!


If you have not already sent me an email letting me know that you'll be joining us, please do so as soon as possible. Please email: MARY@MARYSHEIRLOOMSEEDS.COM


Are you ready for the prizes?

The first prize for the largest Pumpkin and the largest Watermelon is a $50 Gift Card to Mary's Heirloom Seeds

The second prize for the second largest Pumpkin and Watermelon is a $25 Git Card to Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

And there's more...

The Funkiest shaped Pumpkin and the Funkiest shaped Watermelon winners will each receive a $15 gift card to Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Just for participating, I will pull 4 random winners from a bowl and each of the winners will receive a $15 gift card to Mary's Heirloom Seeds

I might add a few more prizes as we go a long just to add to the fun. Stay tuned!

If you are joining our challenges and you would like to let everyone know, please comment below. And please consider sharing this info on your social media accounts using #marysheirloomseeds #growagiantwatermelon #growagiantpumpkin

I will post monthly updates and videos on the first of each month.
Thank you and happy planting!


If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!
Email: mary@marysheirloomseeds.com




Might as well join! My husband always wanted to grow a big pumpkin, so it sounds fun! Guess I need to start mine soon lol.

Jenn Becker,

The challenges sound really fun, I might try the pumpkin one. I’ve never had good luck with watermelon except sugar baby.


I will definitely go for the watermelon challenge and I will thin about the giant pumpkin! this sounds like fun and I could use a little of that! I need to go back and watch the videos! Yahoo!


I’m participating in both challenges. I’ll be doing a seed haul on my YouTube channel for this challenge in the next couple days.


Growing on Vancouver Island ,

Im joining both challenges. Ive purchased the Caolina Cross and Dill’s Atlantic Giant seeds. My last frost date is March 31st or so. Im not sure when i will plant the seeds, but ill keep you posted!
Good luck everyone!

Jane C,

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