Slenderette Bush Beans

$ 2.50

50-60 days.  Slenderette Bush Bean Seeds produce an excellent bean that is highly desirable in French cuisine. The Slenderette Bush Beans' 5 inch pods are slender, stringless and glossy, dark green in color.

Stagger planting for longer harvesting.

This variety grows in a bush style, and does not require support from a pole or trellis.

Contains 25 heirloom seeds

*NEW ARRIVAL* for 2020

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Monica Nichols
Great producers

These beans are so good. They are long, slender, and crispy (raw) they have a fantastic green bean flavor and I’ve dipped them in ranch, at right out of my garden and I’ve cut some and tossed them in a salad.
Cooked just prepare as you normally would. My favorite is sautéed with garlic, salt to taste in butter.
I will always have these. I must plant. They are good and are fast abundant little producers. With a 100% germination.

Green Beans

I have grown numerous types of green beans for 50 years but this is the first time I've tried the Slenderettes. I am so impressed with the flavor. It's like I've gone to a restaurant and they've plated their very best beans, just for me!! We love them stir fried with olive oil, salt, pepper, little garlic and finished off with sliced almonds. Excellent!! No more picking my other beans young for stir fried. Not a lot of volume simply because they don't get as plump as the others but that's what I wanted. I have canned them without snapping and have not tried them yet but these are definitely made for fresh eating!! Thank you so much for opening a new "green bean" door!! LOL!!