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Grown from Rue seeds, this perennial ornamental herb is as versatile as it is lovely. Known as Herb of Grace, Garden Rue and Common Rue, it is a wonderful addition to the herb garden because it is evergreen and can be pruned and shaped into a hedge. It is often used in knot gardens. The base becomes woody but the tips remain herbaceous. By mid-summer, the Rue herb plant has yellow flower clusters covering most of the plant.

As a medicinal herb, Garden Rue herb has been used to rid the body of worms. It is antispasmodic and used to treat intestinal cramps. As a culinary herb, fresh leaves are used to flavor meats, cheese, and eggs. It has a rather bitter taste that goes well with acidic flavors and is used in pickling.

How To Grow Rue From Herb Seeds: Sow Rue seeds directly outdoors when the soil temperature is at least 65 degrees. The herb seeds can have an erratic germination, so be patient and keep the seeds moist. Rue needs a location in full sun, and it thrives in poor sandy soils. Water the Common Rue plant regularly until it is well-established and during prolonged drought conditions. Under normal conditions, Herb Of Grace plants do not need to be watered. Mulch the base of the plant to protect it from frost damage in winter. Garden Rue herb plants do nicely in containers. It readily self-seeds, so deadhead the spent flowers if this is not desired. Wear gloves when pruning as the plant oil can irritate sensitive skins.

Contains approx. 50 heirloom seeds