Ramoso Santana Broccoli

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50-70 days. (Brassica oleracea)  

A rare and little known crop of sprouting broccoli, Ramoso Santana is a delicious and slow-bolting Mediterranean favorite.

This unique crop features robust, dark green heads with lush foliage that are fast to harvest in about 8-10 weeks. Not only can you enjoy the main head but also continuously pick side shoots throughout its growing season for a longer-lasting supply!

Contains approx. 100 heirloom seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023


Planting Instructions: Seeds can be sown in cool or warm conditions, covered very lightly (depth of ¼ inch) and kept reasonably moist until seedlings emerge. 

Transplant or thin seedlings 6-12 inches apart.

Can be grown in containers.

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