McMahon's Texas Bird Pepper

$ 2.95

100+ days. Capsicum annuum.

A Texas heirloom!

Peppers are very hot, grow upright, have thin flesh, and turn from green, to orange, to red when mature. The plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Excellent drying pepper.

Botanist Bernard McMahon gave Thomas Jefferson this variety in the late 18th century. Also known as McMahon's Texas Chiltepin.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000+

Contains 10 seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

Start seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date.  Bury seeds 1/16 deep - keep room constant 70 degrees.  Germination might be erratic as seeds can take up to 4 weeks to germinate.
Don't over water seeds or they will turn to mush