Mbombo Green Pole Bean

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60 days. Pole Bean

A beautiful, emerald green bean originating from Africa. The young pods can be eaten as a green bean. Mbombo produces 5-6 inch pods.

Allow this beautiful bean to mature on the vine for a delicious dry bean for soups and stews.

Named after a tribal god, Mbombo, it is said to bring prosperity to the soil and to the people.

Drought tolerant and heat tolerant.

Contains 15 heirloom seeds


Planting Instructions: Soak beans 2-3 hours before planting. (optional)

Seeds should be sown in warm conditions, covered very lightly (depth of ½ inch) and kept reasonably moist until seedlings emerge. 

Grow in full sun.  Thin Seedlings 6-12 inches apart.

Trellis for support.  Do not over water.

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Doing great in the HEAT!

My Mbombo Green Pole Beans are doing great in the heat, even though I forgot to water them a few days. Oops! They sprouted a few days later than some of my other beans, but were the first to produce pods. I'm eating the young beans and leaving some on the vine to grow to full size for drying. The dried beans are a really cool green color. A new favorite for my hot summer months!