Iron and Clay Southern Pea

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110 days. Vigorous, drought hardy plants are a great nitrogen-fixing cover crop; late maturing pods can be harvested for the kitchen or used for fodder. Sprawling vines. 6-7 in.

Contains 50 heirloom seeds

How to Grow: Sow seed 1 in. deep, 2 in. apart in rows 3-6 ft. apart, thinning to 4 in. apart. Vining varieties are very vigorous and drought resistant, but they should be given extra room, or trellised, or planted so they can climb stalks of dent corn. Southern peas have cultural requirements similar to beans. They need warmer soil, so wait until 3-4 weeks after last frost to plant. Need full sun and a warm growing season. For best results provide a well-drained soil, with pH in the range of 5.5-6.5. Do not apply nitrogen, which will result in poor yield and lush foliage. The ability of southern peas to grow in poor soil is quite remarkable--many varieties are also used as cover crops--and they are relatively free of insects and disease in the Mid-Atlantic.

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