Gete Okosomin Squash

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Gete-okosomin (pronounced GATE-ay-Oh-COHS-suh-min)

From the Smithsonian, 

The Gete-Okosomin squash (which roughly translates to "big old squash") can yield fruit that weigh more than 30 pounds. The seeds come from a lineage of plants carefully tended for millennia by Native Americans, writes Alysa Landry for Indian Country Today.  The Miami Nation has grown Gete-Okosomin squash for 5,000 years, Landry reports. They were "careful stewards of the seed, taking care to hand-pollinate them and maintain their purity."

This is the squash that gained fame online and became known as the “800 year old squash” which, according to legend, seed was found in a “clay ball” at an historic site in Wisconsin. But other stories state that this squash was passed down for generations by the Miami Nation.

Contains 10 heirloom seeds

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