German Golden Millet - Bulk

$ 8.00

Bulk option for sprouting and forage

This particular strain has been around for some time, but the first time we can document being sold as seed was in 1889.

Super popular in feed mixes for exotic birds like finches and canaries, but many birds delight in this millet.  Most people hang the entire sprig in the cage for birds to eat.  Excellent for those birders looking to attract rare birds to their garden.  

Millet is used as a porridge or breakfast food in many countries. 

Golden German millet is a late maturing, warm season, annual crop.

It has medium stem thickness and numerous broad leaves up the stem.

The heads are dense and bristly resembling the heads of the Green Foxtail but much larger.

The crop has good resistance to lodging and diseases.

The seed is golden yellow in color.

1 pound should cover approx 1,800 sq ft