Crimson Sweet Watermelon

$ 2.50

80 days.  Crimson Sweet is truly...well...sweet...with a high sugar content around 12%!  This mouth watering watermelon produces 20-25# fruits with juicy red flesh. 

Your kids will not be disappointed by the taste, but they might not win any seed spitting contest as Crimson Sweet contains very few seeds. 

Crimson Sweet watermelon thrives in a wide range of climates. This watermelon is resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt.  Make lots of room for crimson sweet watermelon as it spreads 6-10' growing the absolute sweetest melons of all.  It even has an award to prove it!

Contains 20 heirloom seeds


Planting Instructions: Seeds can be sown in cool or warm conditions, 1 inch deep, and kept reasonably moist until seedlings emerge.  Grow in full sun.

Do not disturb the root ball when transplanting.

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