Coconut Coir Bricks

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*NEW* smaller, more convenient bricks

Coconut coir growing medium comes from the coconut's fibrous husk (known as coir) that is bound together by lignin (known as pith). After the husk is immersed in water for 6 weeks, the fiber is extracted mechanically, and the pith is left behind as a waste product and stored in heaps to age. Since the pith comes from the fruit, it is quite naturally rich in nutrients. Coconut coir growing mediums are dehydrated and compressed into a compact form for easy handling. With the addition of water, coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times, depending on the packaging of products. This process results in a biodegradable growing medium, making it a natural and safe growth medium of choice for growers.

Approx 1.1 pounds for 2 of these compressed brick
Add water to increase volume 3 to 9 times!