Blue Clarage Dent Corn

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100 days. Developed west of the Appalachians in the Ohio and W. Virginia area ~1830-50. A highly uniform, semi-dent corn. Solid blue, medium-sized ears on 7 ft. stalks, 1 ear/stalk. Originally developed as a meal and feed corn, it has a higher sugar content than most dent corns, and may be used as a table corn when harvested in the milk stage. When used for corn meal it has a sweet flavor. It mills easily and makes speckled blue and white flour, but if the bran is sifted out, a white flour is obtained. Older farmers who use this corn to feed chickens claim that the chickens will eat more, lay more eggs, and put on more meat. Resists lodging, and tolerates crowding and smut better than many other open pollinated corns. 

Contains 40 heirloom seeds  

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