Bachelor Button, Mixed Colors

$ 2.00

75-90 days. Annual. Centaurea Cyanus

Also called Cornflower. These flower seeds mature into a robust 18" 24" tall bushy uprights stemming with unique 1" pop-pom blooms in a seasonal mix of purple, white, magenta, lavender, and rose.

Bachelor's buttons flowers are popularly dried and used in herbal teas and blends. The cornflower has an extensive history across Europe having served as the basis for a variety of national symbols, folklore, inspirations, and ornamentations.

Contains 100 wildflower seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

Planting info:
-Direct sow in full sun after danger of heavy frost
-Sow seeds evenly and cover with 1/4 inch of soil
-Water and keep evenly moist
-Seedlings should emerge in 7-10 days