Toothache Plant

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The Toothache Plant has reddish-green foliage and tight, compact little pompom flowers that have no petals. The flowers are yellow with a red center, and they resemble an eyeball, so the herb plant is also commonly referred to as Eyeball Plant and Para Cress.

Contains 50 heirloom seeds

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Tooth ache plant

Seeds came up really well and plants were very prolific.

Lights your taste buds

I bought these seeds to try it out on my mom. I did try one just to see what it tasted like hahaha. At first you don't really notice anything other then it tasting bland. But the more you chew the more the flavor comes out. I promise it will make you spit colors hahaha. And it will numb the tongue for a good 20 -- 30 minutes. I don't know how well it does for a tooth ache but I can testify about the tongue. My plants never got that red eye on them. They were only yellow and if left on to long they'd turn brown. But red eye or not they do numb quite well and will cause a lot of saliva that's for sure. I definitely will be growing these again. Also, my daughter has been using them as a teething remedy for her child. It's helping him be able to sleep through the night.


I grew these, they are adorable. They dry well and store pretty in a jar. They do numb your mouth but they are not tasty!

Virginia Adams
Great plant!

Grew these last year. A lovely plant! Was sorry I "hid" them in the back yard. Should have put them out front near the walkway for passers-by to enjoy. Glossy leaves. Funky-looking little flowers. Chew one and the salivary glands immediately kick Into high gear. But there is also a numbing effect, hence the name "Toothache Plant." I've not yet had to use them but have supplied flowers to friends who have. They ask for more. Dried, they lose their numbing properties. Freezing them works well. The Leaves also produce numbness. Freeze flowers and Leaves for off- season use, or make a tincture. Wish I had saved seed for this year. Hey, Mary! Send me a pack!