Miner's Lettuce

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40 days. Claytonia perfoliata

The common name miner’s lettuce is a reference to the prospectors in the 1800s California gold rush who would forage this common wild green to fend off scurvy.

This annual green is high in vitamin C and native to many moist areas of the country.

Miner's lettuce is a small, herbaceous, slightly succulent annual plant. Miner’s lettuce is light green in colour, and has round, disk-like leaves, which surround its smooth, tender stem. The stem passes directly through the round leaf and this makes identification easy. After the plant has bloomed,there is a small white or pinkish color flower growing on top of its rounded leaves.

Samples of wild claytonia were collected in 1735 by botanist John Clayton

Contains 100 heirloom seeds