Watermelon Radish

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55 days.  The watermelon radish has ball-shaped root that is about 4 inches in diameter. 

The color starts with deep green shoulders that fade to a bright white skin.

Cut a watermelon radish open and discover a bright red flesh that is reminiscent of a summertime watermelon!

Watermelon radish is crispy with mild and sweet flavor, excellent for salad, garnish and even cooking in Asian dishes.

Watermelon radish is an heirloom Chinese daikon radish, Sometimes called "Roseheart Radish" or "Red Meat Radish," and botanically a member of the Brassica (mustard) family. Like most radishes the Watermelon radish contains isothiocyanate, a pungent chemical compound that when isolated makes an organic, natural pest repellent. Often radish crops (along with other Brassica plants) are planted by growers for this attribute as they release these compounds which are a natural repellent to weeds, pests, and soil born pathogens.

Contains approx 100 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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Eric Pirtle

Wow, day 3 and they have already sprouted. I can't wait to taste them!

Arizona Desert
My first try

These are little oval balls of spiciness. My kids and I enjoyed trying these for the first time. I planted them in March around the 5th, today is the 7th of May. I decided to try my hand at these beautiful radish and they didn't disappoint. They sprouted very quickly and now I am at the harvesting stage which is so exciting for me.

David Latino
Highly recommend if low carb or keto

Makes a great substitution for fried or roasted potatoes...I use in place of potatoes for breakfast!! And the germination rate is outstanding. You will not be disappointed in adding to your garden and diet.

Inga montalvo
So cute and tasty!

They sprouted, grew, and look so awesome in my salads! When you cut them in little slices they add a colorful, fun, and tasty treat to your salad!

Oh my!!!

This was the easiest radish to grow and the BEST tasting radish ever!!!! I will always have these planted. Thank you Mary