Green Arrow Pea

$ 2.50

60 days.  An English main crop variety and standard home and market variety.

This plant grows quickly to 24 to 28 inches high. Stake it to hold up its bounty of plump 4-inch-long green pods, each packed with up to 11 delicious seeds. Many gardeners use a pea fence or trellis with pea plants on either side to save space. Widely adapted, Green Arrow tolerates Powdery Mildew and Fusarium Wilt, which improves the size of its yields and the quality of its crop.

Contains approx 25 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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These were delicious! Definitely need to plant more next year to get a family meal worth at once.

Linda Fields
I eat the peas right in the garden

I may eat the peas right in the garden but there are so many I still get a good crop for salads.

Matt B
Not impressed

I planted these with two other varieties (Thomas Laxton and Little Marvel) so I could gauge productivity across varieties for future growing. Germination on this variety was lackluster at best...approximately 40% of seeds germinated, while germination rates for the other varieties were 90+%. Of those that germinated, none of the plants reached a growing height of more than two feet (6' and 5' for the others respectively). A 30' row produced just more than 14 ounces of peas. Although the peas were tasty, I'm not impressed with this variety. The other varieties, planted at the same time in the same growing and soil conditions, provided yields of 8lbs and 5lbs respectively for their 30' rows. These seeds were purchased from a .99 sale on this website, so I'm not sure if it was perhaps an older batch of seed.

Ruth Hill
best pea variety of all

Green Arrow can't be beat for reliability, productivity, fresh use, canning, freezing, and taste.

Ray White
Easy to grow and great flavor

Green Arrow is my all time favorite shell pea and I've taken to growing them every year. Usually I let some pods dry on the vines and save the seeds for my next planting but this Spring my plants were killed by a vicious hail storm so I'm buying more seeds here today. My wife, who tends to shy away from "green" foods loves them and so do I. I'm in Zone 8b so I can grow them in the Spring, Winter and Fall. In winter they grow in my hoop house covered raised beds. They don't produce much in Dec and Jan but by Feb I have a crop of peas when everyone else is just planting.