American Flag Leek

$ 2.00

110 days.  Originated around 1870.  Also called "Giant Musselburh" or "Scotch Flag"

Leeks date back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians.  Their popularity has grown through many cultures since then. 

Leeks create a tasty pearl white bulb with huge green leaves.  They have a delicate onion flavor that makes them a favorite in soups, stews and salads.  Perfect for the home gardener and market grower. 

Stems grow 10-15" long and about 2-3" in diameter.  Leek seeds should be planted indoors 50 to 60 days before last frost. Very hardy; overwinters well in most regions doing well in both southern and northern states.

Leeks can also be planted directly in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked. Leeks like long sunny days to grow big.  Leeks have few pests or diseases.  Hilling your leeks will encourage longer shanks.

Contains approx. 100 heirloom seeds