Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Beans

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65 days. This heirloom was brought from Tennessee by the Cherokee people as they were marched to Oklahoma by the Federal Government in 1839 over the infamous "Trail of Tears" that left so many dead and suffering. This prolific variety is good as a snap or dry bean and has shiny, black beans. Hardy, vining plants.

Contains 25 heirloom seeds

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Iris Hermann
Exceptional and Impressive

Initially drawn to these beans by their story and color, I then became enthralled by their vitality and taste. They grow beautifully up anything they can reach (including my goji bush!) and the two years they have been growing here, have lasted through several New England frosts when all the other beans succumbed much sooner. When young they are green and tender with a unbelievable flavor. As they mature, they turn purple and remain pleasant to eat well into their firmer stage. I harvested them as dried beans to save the seeds (not enough to consume) but hope to get to this project this coming summer as I plan on planting every available surface with them. They can into dilly beans beautifully when there is a flush but are equally fantastic right off the vine!

Trail of Tear

This is a bean that keeps on giving! Due to the dry weather this year, a lot of my beans were late but Trail of Tear was strong as ever. Even when I thought I was finished picking I left the plants on the trellis. I harvested just about everything else and even after the first of November I could go to the bean trellis and STILL pick more Trail of Tear. I, finally, due to the cold, had to clear them out of my garden. Simply the best bean ever! Once you fix your favorite burritos with these beans you can't go back!

Favorite black bean

This bean grows like crazy-fill the trellis and puts out lots of full pods. We let them go all the way to dry. I first grew this because of its story but we've loved it every year since. No negatives.

New staple in my garden

This was my first planting of this delicious pole bean which will be a regular in my garden. I plant pole beans on trellis made from a 16' wire stock panel bent into an arch. The Cherokee Trail of Tears pole bean grew rapidly and covered the trellis. It was a prolific producer and seemed resistant to disease and insect pests. They are delicious when cooked up with some smoky hog jowl. Next season I'll double the planting to have plenty to freeze and share with friends.

My favorite bean to grow.

I ordered these beans last year and they are amazing. They germinated well, grew well and were very prolific. Excellent tasting bean!!! I let a row of bean vines go until the bean pods dried on the plants.The dark black beans inside tasted wonderful too, made into chili and bean dip. A must have in my garden every year!