Alsike Clover

$ 2.00

Alsike clover is a short-lived perennial plant.  It is grown widely in the eastern, northern, mid-western states and in the Pacific Northwest.
Alsike is similar in many ways to red clover, but it matures 7-10 days earlier.
It is especially well adapted to cool climates and wet soils, and will tolerate flooding for considerable periods. Alsike clover seeds will also germinate and produce well on well-drained soils.  Aliske does well on soils too acidic for red clover, and will tolerate more alkalinity than most clovers; however, it responds to lime application. May be readily established on poorly drained or overflow land.
Fits well in pasture mixes for wet lands.  Flowers are pink or white.

Contains approx 200 heirloom seeds