Red Garnet Amaranth

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Amaranthus cruentus

50 days for leaves. 90-120 days for grains.

Red Garnet can be used as a cooked green, allowed to flower for a beautiful display in the garden or grow it for grain!

Red Garnet Amaranth will make a stunning addition to your edible flower or vegetable garden. We've had this beautiful plant grow to 10-12 feet!

Amaranth is generally sown as a summer annual, but if you live in areas that have cooler, shorter seasons, sow seeds indoors in the early spring and transplant outside after all danger of frost has passed. Choose a location that receives full sun and plant in the garden using a final spacing of fourteen inches. Seeds can take fourteen to twenty-one days to germinate at soil temperatures between 70 to 75ºF.

Days to Germinate: 3-10 Days
Height At Maturity: 3-5'
Sun/Shade Requirements: Full Sun

Contains 200 heirloom seeds

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Productive and Easy to Grow

I'd never grown amaranth before and this was as easy as it gets. I have very poor native soil (shale held together with clay), but these seeds germinated in-ground with the usual amount of care. Beautiful plants and flowers grew tall in the heat and wind yielding a bounty of seeds. Ornamental and productive.