Lemon Cucumber

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65 days.   Yummy little striped round balls of sunshine goodness!  

Introduced in 1894. 

Lemon cucumbers are crunchy with non bitter skin and grow about the size of a tennis ball. 

Contains 25 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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These are the only cucumbers I grow! Hardy, wiry, vines blasted by heat and wind on a metal fence in full sun still produce fruits. They survive through extreme summers (including aphids & powdery mildew in zone 7b in the South-central US) and if you keep them alive they jump into action when the weather shifts. The flavor is mild and refreshing, never bitter, and don't need to be peeled. I love these and would recommend them to anyone who has struggled to keep their cukes palatable.


Love these. They grow quick and they are so beautiful in a salad.

Top of the 'Must Grow' list

I first grew these four or five summers ago, and these crispy, crunchy little cucumber balls are outstanding! I've introduced them to family and friends, and so far have instigated at least three other family gardeners to plant them every year in their own gardens. I don't have to twist anyone's arm... just give them a handful of ripe lemon cukes and you'll hear, 'Wow!' ...'Yum!" and "I have to grow these in my garden!" One of my two MUST grow cucumbers (the second is White Wonder). It's not summer till you can grab these prolific snacks right off the vines and eat them in the garden! I've filled half a garden basket with several dozen on more than one occasion and had them all gone before I could get them to the house ... all the neighborhood kids love them, and so much better to give them as treats than candy. ;)

Heat Tolerant and so Crunchy!

Lemon cucumbers are my new favorite variety to grow. They are very prolific and heat tolerant. Super productive, even when container grown in the direct full Florida sun, they set fruit even in 100° temperatures.

They are delicious, crunchy, tennis ball sized fruit with thin skins and beautiful yellow - orange stripes. They are striking in salads and make outstanding refrigerator pickles maintaining both texture and taste.

If you haven't considered growing these little beauties, go ahead and give them a try. You won't be disappointed!