Hubbard Blue Squash

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110 days.  Blue Hubbard Squash was introduced in 1909 as Symmes Blue Hubbard Squash by  James J. H. Gregory & Son seed company. It was first listed in their 1910 Retail Catalogue. JJH said of the Blue Hubbard, “Thick meated, fine-grained, dry and very sweet; close your eyes while eating and you would think you were eating cake.”

Hubbard Blue Squash is a soft grey-green to deep green on the outside, the sweet orange flesh is an amazing keeper and great for pies! If you’d like a winter treat, bake one of these with butter salt/ pepper and serve in slices.  Fruits can weigh up to 15 lbs!

Blue Hubbard happens to also be the favorite of cucumber beetles.  Why is this important?  Use it as a trap crop!  Plant blue hubbard first on your gardens borders and "trap" all the cucumber beetles in their favorite squash.
Hubbard Blue Squash is an excellent keeper lasting up to 5 months in a root cellar or cool closet.

Contains 15 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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So excited to see this one take off. Germinated like a charm!

Geneva Weisser
Hubbard Squash ♥️♥️

I ordered these for 2020. They have grown very well, and the squash are huge! Haven’t tasted them yet, but can hardly wait. A real beauty!

Bree Graber
New Favorite

These are my new favorite warm
warm season squash. They grow huge and are delicious!