MILKWEED: Asclepias Tuberosa

$ 2.75

(Asclepias Tuberosa) - Butterfly Weed, Milkweed, flower seed creates a beautiful butterfly-attracting plant. It has bright orange flower clusters that are flat and easy for butterflies to land on and drink the rich nectar. Being a member of the milkweed family, Butterfly Weed, will attract the monarch butterfly as well as other butterfly varieties.

Asclepias Tuberosa plants are hardy and drought resistant. The blooms are followed by seed pods 4 - 5 inches long containing the seeds with their long silky hairs. The plant will die back to the root crown each winter, and it is slow to emerge in the spring. The foliage is lovely, too, extending its beauty beyond bloom time

Contains 30 seed

Planting tips:

Many gardeners recommend a cold treatment to help Asclepias Tuberosa seeds germinate more quickly. To do this, dampen a paper towel, place the flower seeds on the towel and seal it in a ziploc bag. Place the bag in the refrigerator for 3 - 4 weeks. After the cold treatment, start the Butterfly Weed seeds indoors.

Transplant the Butterfly Weed plants outdoors once temperatures are warm and plants have 4 - 5 leaves.