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Take a Seed Inventory & Tips to Organize Your Seed Stash

Take a Seed Inventory & Tips to Organize Your Seed Stash

Mary Smith |

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just getting started, it's good to keep your seeds organized. I like to take inventory of my personal seed stash early in the year before we start planting and again just before Fall Planting.

One of the fantastic reasons for growing your own food from heirloom seeds is the unique varieties available to you. At Mary's Heirloom Seeds we currently offer over 800 varieties of heirloom seeds. All of our seeds are Heirloom, open-pollinated, untreated, non-hybrid and non-gmo. That means you can grow your own food and save your seeds for future planting if you want.

If you've just started growing from seeds, you may have used up your seed stash in your garden. Not to worry, there's always something fun available at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

Seeds have a shelf life for optimal viability depending on the seed type and how you store your seeds. It is important to use up older seeds first. If you are unsure, you can always perform a germination test prior to planting.

If you take notes on which varieties did well in your garden and which ones struggled, you can use this information for future garden planning and seed saving or seed purchasing.

If you inventory your seeds by type and then variety, it will make finding them to plan and plant much easier.


To help you get started with your seed inventory, we have a free, printable Seed Inventory worksheet.


We use "dropbox" for our free downloads. If you're on a desktop, there are no additional steps. For a mobile device, you'll need the dropbox app to continue.

If you have a large amount of seeds, these pages can be hole bunched and stored in a binder.


To help you stay organized, check out this video for more info on how long seeds can be stored as well as different storage options.



Here's another helpful video.
This is especially helpful if you have a large seed stash.



Did you have a favorite heirloom tomato you grew last year? Add a note to your inventory! Please don't ask me if I have a favorite heirloom tomato variety because I've never met an heirloom tomato that I didn't like!

Did you grow Okra this year and while you enjoyed it you don't need 6 different varieties next year? Add a note to your inventory worksheet! How many different types of Basil seeds are in your seed stash?


If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!


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