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Million Pollinator Garden Challenge 2019

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge 2019

Mary Smith |

JOIN US in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge!  Have you heard of the challenge?  

Mary's Heirloom Seeds is joining National Pollinator Garden Network CHALLENGE. according to their recent updates on their website, they have surpassed the million Garden mark last year.


California Poppy


In case you missed it, last week we volunteered at a local Elementary School.  Our station was making pollinator-friendly seed balls.  If you'd like instructions to make your own CLICK HERE.  Part of our presentation was teaching kids about growing food and talking about different types of pollinators.  Besides the bees and butterflies, a few other pollinators include bats, ladybugs and even Lemurs!



The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC) is a nationwide call to action to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across America. We will move millions of individuals, kids and families outdoors and make a connection between pollinators and the healthy food people eat.
The focus of the NPGN is: to inspire individuals and community groups, institutions and the garden industry to create more pollinator habitat through sustainable gardening practices, habitat conservation and provide these groups the tools to be successful.
So how are we getting involved?  We already offer a SUPER unique election of Wildflower Seeds and Herb Seeds that are bee-friendly.  We grow organic and plant for the bees in our own gardens.
FIRST, we are adding more Bee-Friendly SEEDS at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.  Next, we are giving away FREE SEEDS!  
During the entire month of March we will include a free pack of bee-friendly seeds.  
BONUS, we have added a new combo pack!

If you haven't read our article Plant for Pollinators and Increase Crop Yields then NOW is the time.  Not only are you helping the precious bee and butterfly populations by planting pollinator-friendly varieties, you can boost your crops!!!
BORAGE is a bee-friendly herb and great companion to Tomatoes
How do YOU get involved?
Plant a Pollinator-Friendly "patch."  This can be a small area or a huge plot.  Every little bit counts.
-Stop using synthetic chemical pesticides in your yard and gardens
-Grow/Use plant varieties that provide nectar and pollen sources
-Provide a water source
-Establish continuous blooms throughout the season.  You can do this by staggering your planting by 2-4 week intervals.
-Create large "pollinator targets" of native or non-invasive plants
-Plan your pollinator garden in a sunny spot, preferably with a wind-break
Over the next few days I'll post a bit more about pollinators and bee-friendly gardening tips.
ECHINACEA (also known as coneflower) is another great pollinator-friendly herb
We offer a few combo packs...
"Flower Power" Herb Combo Pack - "Wild About Wildflowers" Check it out!!!


Companion Planting Guide
For more info on what to plant in your area, we have 2 region-specific planting guides





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Thank you for your interest in Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. In order to stay as eco-friendly as possible we do not offer a printed catalog. You’ll find over 600 varieties of heirloom seeds on our website

We have a HUGE Companion planting list on our website as well. Here’s the link:

If you have additional questions we’re happy to help!


Mary @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds,

Live on coast in So. Orange Co., California.
Zone 9, planting area gets sun from 11:30 to sundown. Need companion planting for veggies like Tom, peppers, cabbage, brocc, turnips, peas.
Thanks for advice. Also if you have a catalog would be interested in receiving one.

Eleanor Buchanan,

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