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Growing Tatume Squash from Seed to Harvest

Growing Tatume Squash from Seed to Harvest

Mary Smith |

Summer squash is very popular for home gardeners. If you've never heard of Tatume Squash you are in for a treat!


"Tatume is a summer squash popular in Mexico and Texas, round/oval med-dark green to yellow fruits with faint stripes.

This old heirloom is picked small and used like zucchini, but these are so much more unique than regular zucchini!

Excellent resistance to squash vine borer."
Squash vine borers are the most common issue customers ask about. If you struggle to grow healthy squash plants, this is a definitely must-grow.


Planting Tatume Squash Seeds

Plant Tatume squash, as with other squash, after all danger of frost has passed and the ground is warm. Choose a spot with full sun. Mix compost or well-rotted manure into the soil before planting.

Sow seeds 1 inch deep and 8 to 12 inches apart. This variety of squash can climb a trellis if you are looking to optimize your "air space."

Keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Germination usually occurs in 3 to 7 days under optimal conditions.


Tatume Squash is drought and heat tolerance make it a popular choice for growing in Texas and the U.S. Southwest. 

Companion Planting for Squash

Beans, corn, cucumbers, icicle radishes, melon, mint, onions and pumpkin. Helpers: Borage deters worms, improves growth and flavor. Marigolds deters beetle. Nasturtium deters squash bugs and beetles.

Oregano provides general pest protection. Dill may repel the squash bug that will kill your squash vines. Generously scatter the dill leaves on your squash plants. Keep squash away from potatoes.


Harvesting Tatume Squash

You can start harvesting Tatume Squash when they are the size of a baseball but you might have a more substantial harvest if you wait a few more days.

This was at 51 days from seed to harvest and it weighed over 3 pounds.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!
Email: mary@marysheirloomseeds.com


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Im glad you care about Tatume squash no many people know about it. Is a delicious 😋 squash when there little or mature. Salty or sweet. Easy to grow and you can save the seeds to grow more plants or eat them. One of my favorite squash.


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