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Gardens Fundraiser UPDATE

Gardens Fundraiser UPDATE

Mary Smith |

In case you've missed our updates from Mary's fb page, here's quick update!

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November 28, 2016

We've had such a positive response from our recent announcement of our
 Gardens Fundraiser

As promised, we have continued to add new items to our website.  Some of these are one of a kind and others we are able to make 4 or 5 of each. That means we sold out of a few right away.  Most of the orders have already shipped out and some have already arrived!!!
Fundraiser: Nov 19th - Dec 19th
Gardens Fundraiser Update   



We have created over 40 different necklaces.
*more than we can list*
Please check out our Gardens Fundraiser page

For more info, you can read
"Why are we Fundraising?"

We are creating more this week.  If you see an item on our Gardens Fundraiser pages that is marked "sold out" and you are interested in the item, please send us an email as it might be available very soon.  
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 

Happy Planting,

Mary's Heirloom Seeds, P. O. Box 3763, Ramona, CA 92065

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