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Are we having a Black Friday Sale?

Are we having a Black Friday Sale?

Mary Smith |

Mary's Heirloom Seeds
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November 21, 2016

All over the radio and around I'm seeing advertising for Black Friday sales and a few of my friends have asked if we're having one as well.
Well, the answer is NO...and YES!

This year, we're spending time with our families and not stuck behind a computer. 
Thursday we'll all get together at my sister's house and Friday I'm spending the day with my Dad, behind the counter at his retail shop.

We're starting a Sale TODAY that will run
thru Sunday, November 27th

ALL Seeds listed below are 99 cents each.  This is a HUGE savings!
***To find out more info, click the image of the seed variety and it will take you to our website.***

Before we get to the Seed Sale, just a quick reminder. Our Gardens Fundraiser is going thru Dec 19th. We've added more items.
Check back often for more NEW Items and
Thank You for helping us help others!
SALE Ends November 27th


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