Ancho Poblano Pepper

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75 days. Also called Ancho Pepper in its dried form, the Poblano is a pepper of many wonderful uses including salsa, grilling, stir fries or stuffed for chile rellenos and substituted in any dish for bell pepper.  It is sweet, but with enough spicy bite to be in the hot pepper category. 

Poblano peppers are upright 24" tall plants with fruits that are 4-5" long. One of the most popular peppers grown, when dried it’s most often used for chile powder. It is really easy to make your own by drying strips of Poblano in a fruit drier and grinding them up when completely dry in a coffee grinder.   Presto!

Fantastic addition to Homemade Salsa!

Contains 25 heirloom seeds

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Customer Reviews

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Can’t wait to plant my seeds in the spring!


I’m hooked on the beautiful color! Counting to days till spring!

Jessie A
Still going strong!

We are so happy with our Ancho Poblano Peppers! We plstarted them last winter in the house with great germination rates, transplanted them late into our greenhouse in the spring with 100% transplant success. As of today, Dec 17, 2020 we are still getting fresh peppers on our plants! I have to give away peppers in Dec! Zone 9a. Thank you!