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BFCM Specials thru November 30th

BFCM Specials thru November 30th

Mary Smith |

Have you seen our latest starter kits in Mary's Garden Gift Guide?
Well we have a special announcement today!
What's BFCM?
Well, I keep getting emails and notifications about Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Small Business Saturday. ALL of those start next weekend after Thanksgiving.
Are we having a BFCM sale?
Yes and no. LOL
We'd like to be able to spend more time with family next week so we've decided to start these specials NOW and offer them thru November 30th.
This way you have a chance to look around and we don't have to be stuck to our computer updating instead of hanging out with family
We mention on our Facebook page that we're still working on our
2019 Planting Guide.
This one will be HUGE and packed full of helpful info!
Starting your own seeds at home is an easy way to increase the variety of garden plant options that are available. 
Mary's Heirloom Seeds offers a fun selection of Starter Kits!
SAVE 20% thru November 30th
when you use code
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Starter kits are great for just about any home gardener and make great gifts!
One of our customer faves is the Salad Garden Starter Kit
Ready to get the Greens growing in your garden? These are individually packed and not a "mix." Includes one pack of the following varieties:
Lacinato Kale (also called Dino kale), Japanese Red Giant Mustard, Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach, Endive, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Little Gem Lettuce, Red Romaine, Arugula Roquette, Paris Island Cos Lettuce, Michilhili Cabbage
Choose from 24, 50 or 100 Coconut Coir Pellets!
These little pellets are amazing!
Customer feedback:
"I love these little gems. They are the best trick for germination. They work so well I'm buying another hundred!"
We also have a video to help you get started
Check out our unique selection of 99 Cent Seed Packs!
If it's too late in the year for you to plant in your region you can always stock up for next year. Our 99 Cent Seed Pack Collection
is a great opportunity to GROW!
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Mary's Heirloom Seeds | P. O. Box 3763, Ramona, CA 92065

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