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HUGE Sale on Pollinator-Friendly Seeds

HUGE Sale on Pollinator-Friendly Seeds

Mary Smith |

This sale won't last!!!  NOW thru April 10th, get HUGE savings on organic, pollinator-friendly seeds at Mary's Heirloom Seeds!

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April 7, 2016
From our article
Plant for Pollinators and Increase Crop Yields
"The critical importance of pollinators is exemplified in a recent study out of the University of California, Berkeley. Not only do pollinators help increase crop yields, they may be even more important than fertilizers, according to the study suggests."

Mary's Heirloom Seeds would like to help you attract beneficial insects to your garden and maybe boost your yields in the garden!
This offer ends Sunday, April 10th
SALE varieties are listed below.  Click the picture of each variety to take you to our website for more info
HUGE Sale on
Pollinator Friendly Seeds
What is Mycorrhizae?
 Mycorrhizal fungi include many species of fungi, like mushrooms. They all have long filaments that resemble roots, and they grow near plants with which they can share a beneficial relationship. They seek out plants that have tiny bits of food dripping from their roots. They then attachthemselves to the plant and extend their filaments into parts of the surrounding soil that the plant can't reach. 

The difference in roots is amazing!
A plant would soon exhaust its small area of surrounding soil of nutrients, but with the help of mycorrhizal fungi, plants benefit from nutrients and moisture found further from home. In addition, they produce glomalin, a glycoprotein that helps stabilize the soil.

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