Organic Garden Starter Pack

$ 34.50 $ 49.00

An excellent starter pack!  Includes 8 varieties of organic, non-GMO seeds (25 seeds per packs), Coconut Coir seed starting pellets,  Plant Markers, organic plant food and detailed growing instructions

Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds: Atomic Red Carrot, Little Gem Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Blue Lake Bush Beans, Lacinato Kale (aka Dino Kale), Marketmore Cucumber, Early Scarlet Globe Radish and Black Beauty Zucchini

8 ounces Organic Plant Food 3-4-4

8 ounces Azomite - essential trace minerals

Options: 24 Coconut Coir Pellets OR 50 Coconut Coir Pellets