Mountain Flower - Nitrogen Boost

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NPK: 13-1-1

Hydrolized Fish Powder for a quick shot of nitrogen for your plants

Easy to use instant fish-based foliar feed or Tea.
Choose the 1 or 5 gallon option. 
Each 1 gallon packet packet  makes a gallon of full strength liquid feed or 2 gallons of diluted feed
Each 5 gallon packet packet  makes 5 gallons of full strength liquid feed or 10 gallons of diluted liquid feed
Foliar feed
Transplant root soak to reduce stress/shock
Pre-Soak for seeds
DIY Liquid fertilizer
Most effective when applied at pre-bloom, again at early leaf development, again at fruit set, and during periods of expected plant stress. Combine with kelp extracts and other foliars as needed. Beware there are fish powders on the market with lower Nitrogen and higher oil content, which can cause leaf spotting, poor solubility and phytotoxicity.

Foliar Feeding works best when utilized on a regular basis. Plants will rapidly consume a foliar application of Liquid Fertilizer. Common timing for foliar feeding is 2-4 applications, spaced 10-14 days apart within a month prior to bloom and again within one month of bloom.

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