FALL Garden Starter Kit

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A growing number of people are deciding to start growing their own food. and we are excited to help.  Mary's Heirloom Seeds offers several starter kits to help you get started.
Our FALL Kit is one of several season-specific combo packs.  If you are looking for a seed-only pack, check out our FALL Seed Combo and our FALL Seeds Super Combo   We are thrilled to offer this now to all of our customers.  It's a great option for Anyone.  Seriously, anyone!
Each Kit includes:

-Seeds: Arugula, Purple Plum Radish, Calabrese Broccoli (Swap out for Purple if you'd prefer), Dwarf Pac Choy Cabbage, Little Fingers Carrot, Snowball Cauliflower and Ruby Red Swiss Chard

**BONUS FREE SEEDS: Borage and Dark Purple Opal Basil

Fertilizer Sample Packs:

-Azomite: Organic fertilizer which contains Vital minerals and trace minerals to grow healthy plants

-Kelp Meal: Organic fertilizer which helps create a strong, healthy root system

-10 Seed Pots: 4" starter pots from recycled plastic

-TOOLS: Cultivar and Spade with wooden handles and leather strap

-Plant Markers

Growing Medium Included: 25 OR 50 Coconut Coir Pellets seed starting pellets

**Coconut Coir Brick now available instead of Pellets**

Sowing and Growing Tips included

**Seeds not pictured**  If you have questions are would like to substitute for a different seed variety,


and we will try to accommodate your request