Humate Soil Conditioner

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Help Increase Micro Nutrient Uptake

100% granulated humic shale ore direct Utah. This organic soil additive provides minerals and essential organic acids needed to develop healthy lawn and garden soils. 

The benefits of humic acid fertilizer include: Increasing the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and water, Developing healthier, stronger root systems, Creating a lush, Vibrant and healthy garden.

Use to increase micronutrient uptake and improve efficiency of applied and existing nutrients.
Coarse grade for soil application only.

Humate is a generic name for humic materials -- salt forms of humic acid. They are most commonly low grade lignite coal. Humates regulate water-holding capacity, have extremely high ion exchange capacities, and reduce soil erosion by increasing the cohesive forces of the very fine soil particles. Very low concentrations of humates have been shown to stimulate seed germination and root growth. They have also been shown to stimulate desirable soil microorganisms.