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Organic Plant Food - Feeding Your Plants

Mary Smith |

We've had quite a few questions about soil nutrients and amendments this past week.  If you have additional questions after reading through our articles please send us an email.
It's FALL in the garden!  Happy Planting!

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If you're growing a veggie garden or you've ever grown a garden then you probably know that nutrients are very important.  Sun and soil (and SEEDS) are also important. Nutrients play an integral role in plant health.
Plant Nutrients-Getting Started
HUMATE (humic acid) 
Most "all-in-one" type of fertilizers have an "NPK" rating.  NPK stands for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium(potash). 
What does each nutrient do? 
In addition to other properties, Nitrogen helps plant foliage to grow strong. Phosphorous helps roots and flowers grow and develop. Potassium (Potash) is important for overall plant health.

Minerals are VERY important to healthy plant growth.
For that reason we have added several NEW options

Azomite rock dust is a naturally mined volcanic rock composed of over 70 minerals and trace elements that are essential for optimal plant health. The rock formation in Utah from which Azomite is mined was formed when volcanic ash merged with sea water an estimated 30 million years ago. This mixture of volcanic ash and sea water created a unique source of trace minerals and elements that moist soils are void of. Just like humans, plants require many minerals to reach peak health and vigor. Re-mineralize your soil with Azomite and your plants will thank you and reward you!
Contains potash and other minerals from natural marine deposits. Excellent soil conditioner. Greensand is a mined mineral rich in soil conditioning glauconite.
BOTH of these plant nutrients are important for "heavy feeders" such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Pumpkins and Squash

  • A complete plant food with all 15 essential nutrients
  • Originally developed for professional gardeners
  • Complex blend of natural organics provide complete and balanced feeding of all 15 nutrients
  • Environmentally safe
  • No sludges, hazardous or toxic ingredients
  • Easy to use  
  • Works in gardens, yards, lawns, and soil beds
  • Perfect for revitalizing soils that have been heavily worked
  • Scent serves as a deterrent to common garden pests such as rabbits and deer
  • Also helps accelerate composting breakdown of carbon based composts such as leaves and straw

Phosphorus is involved in many plant processes, including:  
  • Energy transfer reactions
  • Development of reproductive structures
  • Crop maturity
  • Root growth
  • Protein synthesis
Very important to mention, ingredients are derived from organic, non-gmo sources.  All-Purpose VEGAN plant nutrients. 
  • Formulated to contain no animal products or animal by-products
  • A blend of excellent medium to long term nutrient sources
  • Add in combination with good organic compost to nourish your plants, improve the soil structure and encourage gardening
  • Ingredients include soybean meal, rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, langbeinite, humic shale ore, azomite, Acadian kelp meal and greensand
  • 3-2-2 formula
Humate is a generic name for humic materials -- salt forms of humic acid. They are most commonly low grade lignite coal. Humates regulate water-holding capacity, have extremely high ion exchange capacities, and reduce soil erosion by increasing the cohesive forces of the very fine soil particles. Very low concentrations of humates have been shown to stimulate seed germination and root growth. They have also been shown to stimulate desirable soil microorganisms. 

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.
Happy Planting!


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